Friday, December 28, 2012

Make Money on the Internet, euros of Surfactif

If you want to earn money from the internet, Surfactif is one of the many sites that pays its members just to promote your both in the blog, facebook or twitter.

Below is a review of surfactif:
  • We attach a link provided by surfactif and if there are visitors who open the link then we got the point, the point is we switch to the euro. Is the highest point of the French that ultimate 1 point / visit, light = 0.6 point, which sponsors = 0.25 point. While from Indonesia Ultimate = 0.2 point, light = 0.1, sponsors = 0.05
  • 1000 points = € 1 more time can be up to € 2 (depending on rate).
  • Minimum payout / minimum payment of € 0.01 less than 15 days of work.
  • Methods of payment via paypal, payza (AlertPay) and Skrill (moneybookers).
  • We will get 15% of the referral program. So if we get the referral money then we will also be able to gain as much as 15% of our referral earnings.

If you are interested please click the banner below to register


Here is proof that I received payment so you do not have to be afraid if the business does not pay
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